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Bee Service

Accutrol eliminates bees in and around your home.

We will remove beehives if accessible and seal all entry points. Extraction and treatment methods may vary depending on the location of the colony, (ex. between drywall, eaves, the roof, fireplace, etc.)

We use a high powered vacuum along with chemicals and dust to remove and eliminate bees, if possible, remove and dispose of all honeycomb(s).



Small animal trap

Accutrol also takes care of the invasion of unwanted wildlife. We will use high quality professional live traps designed to catch and release.

We will safely catch and release any wildlife in a remote area. Animals include, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, etc.

Squirrel, Raccoon, Opossum


Accutrol also offers exclusion services, which consist of sealing all entry points of unwanted pests and animals.

We will first identify all entry points, then we will seal them with standard sealing material, or perform a mechanical correction if accessible.

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